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Soldier's Ball 2 at Suede Lounge, Scottsdale (February 24, 2005)

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Dear Soldiers R U.S.,

We received six packages today for the 1297th CSSB and the items were put into the troop store for all of the 800+ soldiers of our unit here at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. I have enclosed a picture of our Troop Store with SGT Richards guarding it!!

Thank you for your kindness and support and for the letters and pictures. We did write a card as well to the students of Patterson Elementary School..




Very Respectfully,

Chaplain Clancy

CH(MAJ) Michael Clancy
1297th CSSB Task Force Raven
Kandahar Airfield APO AE 09355


I wanted to take the opportunity on behalf of my platoon to thank you for the care packages. We are Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians deployed to the western side of Iraq. My platoon is spread out great distances in some remote places, and it is difficult to get some of the items that make life a little easier. My guys really appreciate having some good hygiene items; it really makes a world of difference. Thank you for caring enough to prepare and send these packages to us. We appreciate your patriotism and support. God Bless!




WO Michael J. Leurini
EOD Platoon Commander
Al Asad, Iraq

We recieved the boxes today (and a good day too...its my birthday) and we just wanted to pass along a huge thank you! When you said you had sent something I expected a box, maybe 2 but when i had 8 from you all at Mail Call I was blown away. My gratitude goes out to you and all who have helped. Thank you very much!

SSgt Strang

So I thought 8 boxes was awesome...and then I went to Mail Call today...12 more! We have now been supplied with enough boxes to officially build an igloo and enough goods to supply a base load of troops for the next year. Please pass my sincere THANK YOU to everyone involved. It is greatly appreciated.

SSgt Strang

I stumbled across your web site and think it is great. Thanks for your support of us. It means alot to know that people back home think of us and remember us while we are gone. I especially like the Freedom Helmets you had on your site. I am a huge Jeep fan and when I saw that, I was like Hell yea! Can I add my address to your list for possible donation?

I am currently at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq and will be here until October-ish...
Thanks again for all you do for us. Let me know if you need anything from Iraq.


SSgt Joshua Strang
WIT 7, Det Charlie
Unit 44535
FPO AE 96426-4535


It is nice to hear a "Thanks" or "Our prayers are with you" every once in a while. It makes you very proud to do your job. Especially here in Iraq. Thanks again! Talk to you soon

– SGT McKay
507th Engineer Battalion


Mr. Moline,
On behalf of the ladies at the Joint Contracting Command Iraq/Afghanistan, Regional Contracting Center Central, I would like to thank you for the wonderful care packages! Jan is a beautiful, smart person I met during the MBA program with Webster U.

Contracting Officer
Contingency Support Branch
RCC-Central, JCC-I/A


I would like to say thank you for what you are doing with It is a great organization. Everyone over here appreciates it. Thank you very much.

– SPC Jenny Nellis
137th TC (PLS)


I am an Intelligence Officer in 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. The Soldiers in my unit and I cannot thank you and your organization enough for the work that you do, both in supporting the Nation's Armed Forces while at war and the work that you do to support the building of our nation's youth.

I know that I speak for all the Troopers in my unit when I offer my thanks for all you did for us over our fifteen months in Iraq.

Christopher R. Martell
S2, 2-505 PIR


Hey Mr Moline, I've been really busy adjusting to work here, finally arrived after a long trip, but everyone in our unit is doing good so far.� It's not bad here, i'll send you a pic with your calendar.� My mailing address is below, if you could send some calendars they would be greatly appreciated and good for our moral!� Thanks for your support!

John White
HHC 27th BCT
Camp Phoenix


The care package was awesome! Thanks. I shared the coolers, contents of the coolers, CDs� and the calendars.� However, when I got all the Marines together for a photo, I forgot to get them to display the calendars, so I have told the Marines who got the claendars that I need to get them together for another photo.� Needless to say, the calendars were the Hot item (regardless of whether it was this year's or last year's), followed by the toiletries.� � For now, I am attaching the photo
I have of the Marines with the goodies. I'm holding the Bears t-shirt, which I wear here frequently when I PT. It will likely not be white by the time I leave, due to the dust we get here.� They are saying this may end up being the dryest (and therefore dustiest) year we've had since 2003, which also means we'll likely experience more water shortages.

Regarding the Character Education Speaking Tour:� This looks like a great opportunity to develop some important moral values with young people, and I am very interested, especially as it's a White Sox Charity. Of course, I realize you need to develop a schedule, so please keep in mind that my you're here in Iraq lasts at least until the end of Jan 2009.� I'll certainly remain in touch.

Semper Fidelis,
Patrick McCarthy
Colonel, US Marine Corps Reserve
MNF-W LNO to MNC-I C-4/C-7
Baghdad, Iraq
Camp Victory, Iraq


I want to personally thank the people that run this site. I am a sergeant currently serving with the 3rd Sustainment Brigade over in Iraq. We just got here and have approximately 12 months left of service here. Thank you for thinking of us over here. We sometimes forget that there are people over stateside that still think about us. So from everyone here in the 3SB, thank you!
SGT Gaelen Lowers
3rd Sustainment Bde Public Affairs
SGT Lowers, Gaelen

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